Change…It Didn’t Used To Be My Friend…Now We’re “Homies!”

By: Amy Wise

If you’ve been reading the blogs here at The Next Family for some time now, you know that each month has a theme. Last month it was “love,” and this month it’s all about “change.” I have to say, change has never been my favorite thing. Maybe because I had to move a bazillion times growing up since my Dad, who is a “slight” over achiever…(go ahead, family…giggle) moved us quite a lot for his various career advancements. He felt advancing “his” career also advanced the family and our future. However, when moving a bazillion times means changing schools, changing friends, changing boyfriends, changing houses, changing states, changing, well, pretty much everything, change can become VERY irritating!

Now that I’m a “big girl,” I have lived in the same house for over 13 years, and the same county for over 22 years. I put a halt to the change, big time! Life however, has a funny way of making us change whether we like it or not. So I have to admit, (Dad now it’s your turn to giggle) all that change growing up is coming in handy now that I’m having to deal with all of life’s challenges.

Not only am I embracing change, I’m all about teaching others how to change and roll with the punches as well. When I write about interracial marriage and family, it’s not only about sharing with those that are in these types of relationships, but also about changing the mind-set of those who don’t agree with “our type” of marriage and family. It’s not easy to change attitudes that have been taught year after year, but it can be done. With patience, love, understanding, and a cool head, change truly can happen.

One amazing story of change can be found here:
The Many Shades Of Love
This is the story of a racist client that I was, and am, determined to change. I feel that if someone can be taught to be a racist they can also be taught to be tolerant. It might take longer with an adult, but it can happen, and that’s a GREAT change!!

The change in my life, from losing my business due to others’ negligence, to becoming a writer, has allowed me to open my heart and soul to people whom I never would have reached before. To be able to take hate and change it to love, well that’s just worth every minute of life’s challenges that have brought me to this point today. Change…it didn’t used to be my friend, but now we’re “homies!”

Amy Wise is a Freelance Writer in San Diego.
You can read more on  The Many Shades Of Love

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