When Everything Goes Wrong At A Lesbian Wedding

By: Brandy Black

Every time I sit at a table with a tall vase of flowers that blocks the view of the person across from me, I remember our reception. I remember the three meetings that we had with our florist, each time discussing the small vases and the very specific flowers that we had chosen for the tables. I remember walking around to each table to greet and hug every guest before we sat down to eat and noticing that the vases were TALL with…roses? There was not one single flower in that vase that had been picked by Susan or me.

After all that planning, all that work, all those conversations, we ended up with someone else’s flowers. There was nothing to do but laugh. This kept happening. The DJ played the wrong songs, the speeches ran long, the schedule was behind, and the only person who was going through the exact same thing as I was -who was thinking the same things -was Susan. We were watching together as the whole wedding morphed into something else. Those imperfections would have ordinarily ruined the whole night for me -to watch all of my hard work disappear due to incompetence -but instead I realized that I could handle it all with Susan by my side. We shared a secret that no one had. We saw our wedding from the best seats possible, together, alone in a crowded room.

At the end of the night when chaos ensued as the crowd was gathering to wave us goodbye, drunk people meandering around, our best men trying to corral people in one place, Susan turned to me and said “Run.”

“But they aren’t ready.”


And so I grabbed her hand and ran, didn’t look back, just ran.

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