Love is Not a Skin Color…

By: Amy Wise

Okay I’m officially irritated. If it wasn’t so ridiculous I would probably be mad too. It’s amazing how you can find out how people really feel when they voice their opinions behind your back to someone else. Are we in high school?! Funny thing is, more often than not, those opinions come full circle and make their way back to the very person you didn’t have the courage to say it to in the first place. So where am I going with all this, and what happened that got me so hot and bothered (and not in a good way)?

Well, we have a “friend” who shall remain nameless to protect the ignorant, that apparently has huge issues with black men being with white women. This is someone who has been in our home, drank our wine, ate our food, laughed with us and cried with us…but come to find out she doesn’t approve of black men with white women?! How do we now know this? The other day she was at a friend’s party and there was another black and white couple attending the party as well. These are the lovely words that came out of her mouth: “He is obviously not a real man, because if he was he would get himself a strong black woman and wouldn’t be with that weak white woman.” Ummm, excuse me?! Wow. WOW! Of course this comment got back to my husband and he said, “Well, then what does she really think of Amy and me?” Ya, my thoughts exactly.

First of all, since when are all black women strong and all white women weak? I am probably one of the strongest people you will ever meet. Seriously, I’ve been through it and I’m still standing and still strong, and look…I’m white! Why do people insist on continuing this separation madness? There are strong black women and weak black women, there are strong white women and weak white women. Being strong or being weak has nothing to do with skin color…it’s a mind-set, and last I checked all of our brains were the same color. Maybe next time she should use hers before speaking. Just a thought. It’s sad to me that people just don’t get it. I’m not with Jamie because he’s black and he’s not with me because I’m white. We are with each other because we love each other…period. Love comes from the heart, which, just like the brain, is the same color in all of us. It’s simple…love is not a skin color!

Amy Wise is a Freelance writer in San Diego.
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