Automatic – Love and Pride


By: Tosha Woronov




Leo’s first trophy.

This is big.

At last night’s team celebration dinner, Coach G dubbed Leo “Mr. Automatic.” (The kid doesn’t miss, you see.)

And so a nickname is born.

Carrying it upstairs on the way to bed he told me, “I have been wanting this my whole life.” (all 5 and ¾ years)

We each weighed in on how he could sleep with it, this fragile and pointy thing. I felt it would be totally fine if – for just this one night – the trophy stayed wrapped in his sweaty little arms. (I wanted the blog photo, and the moment.) Pete worried the kid would hurt an eye. Finally Leo decided that, because he might roll over onto it –break it — it should spend the night on his bedside table.

He would not have chosen so wisely the day before.

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