Date Day Circa 2000

The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

One afternoon we sat at the kitchen table of my apartment and Susan watched as I tore several pieces of colored paper to shreds and then systemically explained my spontaneous Date Day plan. See, we had been together for a couple years. Life was smooth, things were good, but we were in a rut. We came to the point in the relationship when all the things that you “acted” like you were excited about in the beginning finally became the things that you never actually liked doing in the first place. We would argue over where to go to dinner or what to do that night and we were never able to agree. In previous relationships, this was where my exit plan began.  But with Susan it was different. I loved her, couldn’t get enough, but didn’t necessarily care for the same things she did.

“Here’s how it works. We will write down all the things we like to do and put them in this bowl. When we have a date, we will pick and go –no discussion.”

Susan sat back in her chair and mocked me. I began writing.

Horseback riding

She mocked some more.

Burke Williams

She mocked some more.


She squinted her eyes and picked up her pen.


I squinted my eyes.

Get nails done

She squinted.

Drive to Ojai

I squinted.

Stay at Ojai Valley Inn Spa

She squinted.

Go to see a band

I squinted.

Go see a movie

This went on. We even began writing theme days. We must have come up with 100 dates by the time we ran out of paper. The bowl was full.

The dates became exciting again. We ended up in arcades, baseball games, museums, you name it, we were taking the city by storm. One Saturday morning, Susan picked from the bowl. She reads “Dangerous Day”.

We looked at one another.

“Let’s leave town” I said.

“Palm Springs” she said.

“Without a reservation” I said.

“We can’t stay in a hotel we’ve heard of” she said.

“Let’s buy a bottle of Jack Daniels” I said.

We packed one bag, grabbed her guitar, took a shot of Jack and got in the car and drove.

We stopped at the outlet mall because we had no place to be. We arrived in Palm Springs just after sunset. We rolled down the main drag.

“Can’t stay there, I’ve heard of it” she said.

“Heard of that one” I said.

“What’s that hotel right there?” I say, pointing to a Spanish-style getaway hidden by bougainvillea and palm trees just beyond a large door. Susan parked the car.

We get out and the door reads “PRIVATE”.

We walk next door where the gate is wide open leading us to a less enticing courtyard. Susan walks up to ask about their rooms.

“What’s the private place over there?” I ask.

“Oh, that’s a LESBIAN resort” the receptionist says, whispering.

Susan drops the brochure and follows me out the door as I swiftly race to our final destination. I ring the bell. A lovely older lesbian escorts us around this stunning little casita. She shows us to our room, we drink a few more shots of Jack, go out dancing, come back and because it’s dangerous day, skinny dip in the pool under the stars. The next morning we awake with no plan in place. We eat breakfast under the warm sun and I randomly ask our hostess where the nearest shooting range is. It just so happens we are 5 minutes away from our next dangerous mission. We put on our gear, pick up our Smith and Wesson handguns and proceed to race each other to a bull’s-eye. My heart pounded as I felt the power of the gun in my hand. I loved every sexy minute of our spontaneity and once again felt the spark that every new date brings.

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