Wayward Travelers

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By: Susan Howard

Hello all. Fall is coming. Back to school. It doesn’t matter what age you are, late August always means back to school time. Maybe you get some new clothes, clean out drawers, buy a fresh pack of pens, whatever. Perhaps you are getting a bit nervous about what is to come, new faces, teachers, who to eat with at lunch time.

No? Everything this coming September is pretty much the same as the last? What?!


I dare you, no, double dare you to try something you have NEVER tried before. There is something you have always wanted to try, but never let yourself. If you’ve been following my wife’s blog you’ll know she bought me a new scooter. How cool am I? Well, much cooler than ever, now that I have my vanilla-colored scooter (thanks Hon). I have wanted to scoot since I was 9, but got dissuaded because of the obvious skull crush potential.

Here’s what I realized. Scooting is FUN.

What does this have to do with fitness? Well I’ll tell you. If you are an eater out of boredom, instead of eating, get UNbored. For as hard as you may work in the gym, if you are taking in excess calories from stress or boredom you will likely create excess fat on your body. When you take in too much at once the food has no functional use so it stores in your body for a rainy day. But with fridges and bored energy that rainy day never comes, so the fat keeps storing. Cut to our super sized country.

Do it. Try something that interests, even scares you maybe. Next on my life list is hang gliding. It seems the closest to being a bird. Send me ideas about what you want to try. If you want to come flying with me, well I have never done it, but this year I vow to try. Come along. Oh, and bring your helmet.

Tomato Marinara

So tomatoes are in season right now. How do I know? Well I have them growing in my back yard. Alice Waters who?? Yes, she and I are one.

I made marinara from scratch for the first time.

Here we go:

4 tomatoes.
Slice off the yucky top part and sit them in a bit of boiling water for 5 minutes.
Then slice them in half and take off the skins.
Throw them in a blender if you want smooth sauce or chop them up if you want chunky.
Set aside.

Put a pan on medium heat and cover the bottom with olive oil. ​​​

Thinly slice a 1/4 of a red onion and toss in the pan.

​​​​Mince up 4 garlic cloves.
After onions have hung out a bit, toss in garlic. ​ Add salt and pepper, fresh or dried basil, a dash of red pepper flakes if you have some.
Then the stars of the show: tomatoes.

Switch the heat to low and let it cook down.
This is the type of thing that is probably better the day after, so let it cook down as much as time permits.

Here’s the best way to make this dish healthy: Get aggressive with your favorite veggies. I would blanch a ton of broccoli and then throw that in with the pasta. (There is Quinoa pasta for the uber healthy.) Get some cooked chicken from Whole Foods or Gelson’s and add slices of that in at the last minute.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to save the leftovers for your school lunch box.

“Do Wah Doo” by Kate Nash will get your toes tapping.

Buttapalooza 2010

Here we go.

10 minute hill run or walk
2 sets

20 lunges holding weights/ 15 dead lifts with weights (flat back fold then stand up)
2 sets

20 jumps/20 abduction kicks (balance on one leg and kick to side flex foot)

2 sets on the floor on your back

20 butt ups with feet on the floor parallel/20 butt stays up knees move in and out

20 scissor kicks (head and shoulders off floor alternate legs up to the 90 degrees grabbing the back of each leg as it reaches the top)

End with a hip stretch, pigeon pose. From the prone position calf is parallel in front of your body then lay on top of that leg squaring your hips and resting on your forearms, the opposite leg is long and resting on the floor. Do both sides.

Then a forward fold to release the back of your legs.

Ring Ring! School’s out.

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