The Next Family

By: Danny Thomas


All systems down

Out of time

Somehow living, broken open by nature, in the moment


To be in the moment and out of time

And at the same time

Surrounded, to an exasperating degree,

By the what has been done and the what comes next.


Known and unknown…



Over known.

We did this together…

With love.

Thank you for all that.

So many kinds of love.

As I lay in bed the other night…

Missing my wife,

And at the same time,

Happily surrounded by my children,

I traced a chain of love.

All the love I knew that was tied to that moment …

For me…

Like a Rubik’s cube

With endless sides…

So many kinds of love…

· My love for my children…

· And my wife…

· The love we share with the people whose wedding she was attending -make that whose wedding she was officiating!

· The love those people share, Evan and Hayley – truly generous and inspiring people and artists…

What’s not to love?

Then I thought about the love that has helped us through our recent times…

Through our move etc.

· The kind of love we share that makes us want to pack up and haul each other’s shit around the country…

· More so, the kind of love our friends and family have for us that they packed and hauled our shit for us.

· Finally, the love of friends and colleagues, and strangers, for that matter, who have welcomed us here with kind and eager hearts.

I am fortunate to live in this much love.

And all the work and sweat and joy and blood and delight that comes with it.


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