Happy Anniversary! I Love Us!

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By: Amy Wise

Ironically, August is “love month” here at The Next Family. I know, it’s not February, and it’s not Valentine’s, but the Editor of TNF has been so inspired by all the stories of love lately, she dedicated an entire month to LOVE! Why is it ironic you might ask? Well, August is our wedding anniversary month! How ridiculously perfect is that!? Love month? I LOVE it!

18 years ago I met my love, my partner, my soul mate, my present, my future, and my best friend. 17 years ago on August 21st, 1993, I married him. We got married in a flower-covered gazebo, on a hot summer night, in the Balboa Park Rose Garden in San Diego. It was simple, it was beautiful, it was perfect. Our preacher, who was an old family friend of Jamie’s, married us and then sang to us. The song – “Always and Forever” -now, it’s forever our song. Close family and friends were there to share in our joy. Two people in love, pledging their lives to each other. It was intense…it was LOVE!

Flash forward, and now we have had 17 years of marriage, a 15 year-old daughter, and an amazing roller coaster of a life. Has it been perfect? Oh heck no! Has it been fabulous? Oh hell yes!! Would I do it again? In a minute! Am I looking forward to 17 more? Of course! After 17 years, I still love waking up on a Saturday morning wrapped in each other’s arms. I love coming home to Jamie sitting in his favorite chair, and walking across the room to kiss his beautiful sexy lips! I love sitting at the kitchen table, talking about life and catching up on the day. In other words, I love him now more than ever!
So this weekend, we will celebrate 17 glorious years of craziness, fun, happiness, sadness, ups, downs, and most importantly…LOVE! Today I say, happy anniversary to my Big Sexy Hunk O’ Chocolate! Here’s to 17 more, and more, and more! I love YOU, and I love “US!”

Amy Wise is a Freelance writer in San Diego.
You can read more on the www.themanyshadesoflove.blogspot.com

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