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By: Susan Howard

I had a chance to speak with dad Rick Saloomey in between shooting television segments and owning an ultra trendy shop on one of the most popular streets in Los Angeles. Rick is constantly running from one thing to the next. I caught him on the phone in his car –don’t worry he had an earpiece on, I think.

Tell us about your various jobs.
I’m a supervising producer at the TV Guide Network with 10 staff members that I oversee and am co-owner of the Silverlake retail store Pull My Daisy.

It seems like a lot of hours.
Definitely. My fulltime job at TV Guide, I am there Monday through Friday 8 plus hours a day. The store is a bit more sporadic. I might go down on the weekends and put in a few hours or just do paperwork at home at night. There’s always a lot I have to do. It gets stressful.

Is Sarah, your partner in Pull My Daisy, more the onsite one?
Yeah she really runs the place. I am a lot more behind the scenes.

Did you always see yourself as being a working dad?
I like to be busy, obviously with two jobs…I never thought of myself as someone that would be good at staying home and taking care of a child. With my personality type I don’t think I am suited for that.

In what aspect?
I like to be out and about and doing a lot of things. I love spending time with Maddox (his 20 month old son) and I love every second that I have to spend with him. I just don’t know if on a personal level if I would be as fulfilled in my life if I wasn’t working. I have that need for having to go to work everyday, that kind of structure. I think when I don’t have that kind of structure, I feel a little lost. I think if I were a stay at home dad, I think it would be harder for me in my mental state. I don’t think I would be as good of a stay at home dad as my wife is a stay at home mom.

Tell us about your family.
Colleen is my wife. She also works two nights a week as a bartender. Which is a unique situation for her because she works until 4 in the mornings and I get up the next day and as soon as I leave to work she is back fulltime with Maddox. So there is two days a week where she is surviving on only 4 hours of sleep. That makes it difficult on her. Most mornings, I like how it works out for us, pretty much 5 days a week I get up with Maddox and take care of him and give him breakfast so I do get a lot of good quality time with him, we have our mornings together.

So Colleen is pretty much a stay at home mom.
Yeah, by the time she goes to work, Maddox is already in bed, so as far as Maddox is concerned she’s a fulltime mom. We do have a nanny/babysitter two days a week, so Colleen can do some personal errands and catch up on sleep.

What has been the best part about being a dad?
The intense emotional love and the bond that I have with my son. That bond –you just don’t know what it’s going to be like until you have one. And I just love watching all the little developmental things that happen, from him learning to walk and the first couple words that he said –those milestones are what you live for as parents. I can’t wait to hang out with him more. The older he gets, we can have some real father and son moments. I look forward to all of it.

If there is a decision to be made about Maddox who wins –you or Colleen?
We are pretty much even, on the same page about things. If Colleen puts her foot down about something I don’t question it. Colleen’s much more up on diet and what he should be eating, she is much more in charge on the day to day stuff I don’t really question her.

Any advice you have for other new dads that might be reading this?
Guys need to understand that they need to support their wife or their partner more than they ever realized before they have the child. Women, no matter what the situation, especially in those first few months, are so much more involved in everything, especially if they are breast feeding. You just really have to support your partner.

Sounds like Maddox and Colleen are lucky to have such a loving dad. Rick also mentioned that he wanted to be a nurturing dad, not just the fun one. It seems he has found bonding bliss over a stack of pancakes.

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