Off To Family Week

By: K. Pearson Brown

Today I am excited to be headed with my partner and son to Boston and then to Provincetown to partake in the annual Family Week there hosted by Family Equality Council!

I’ve been to three fantastic events held by Family Equality, but they have all been for adults. If they put on picnics, bonfires, movie nights, play dates, open swim, family happy hours and the all of the other activities of this special week for LGBT parents and their kids like they do their fabulous galas and fundraising cocktail parties, then this will be a truly wonderful week; we I expect it will be!

I’ve been in NY all week on business, so my family is reuniting with me in Boston tonight and then spending a couple of days in the city before we embark on our Family Week excursion. While my workweek was wonderfully productive and enjoyable, it was seven excruciating days without my son and is the longest I have ever been separated from him. Hearing his little voice on my nightly calls only made it worse. I can’t wait to snatch him up and give him a full-on bear hug!

I’m packing up from my hotel in NY and off to JFK. It’s been a long week away from my blog as well, so I am hoping to have time to write some updates from Bean Town and P-town. I can’t wait!!

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