Romance…What is Your Definition?

By: Amy Wise

My husband is constantly surprising me. I don’t mean the surprises you are probably thinking of like flowers and gifts and romantic nights. He doesn’t believe in flowers because he says they die, so what’s the point? He doesn’t believe in expensive gifts because he is very practical. Romance isn’t exactly one of his strong points, so candlelight dinners are not his fav. I’m the “candle lighter” in our house! So, wow, what’s my point, and what could I possibly have meant by he constantly surprises me? You’re probably feeling sorry for me right about now!! Ha, ha!

Well, this the deal; it’s so much more than gifts and flowers and romance. Jamie is the kind of husband that will be there through thick and thin. No matter what situation we are in he always has a level head and brings me back to sanity. Always!!! If I need him for anything I know without a doubt that he will be there.

When I wanted to write a book about the loss of our business due to the water department, he is the one that suggested I write about our relationship and family. Instead of concentrating on all of the negative that was around us, he came up with writing about something positive…us! Never in a million years would I have expected that from him. Writing about us!? Really!? More like Playstation or car shows…but not writing about us! See, surprise! I love that he gets that is me, even though it’s sooooo not him. He thinks of me when I need me time, and gets out of the house so I can chill. He does half the housework and carpooling, because that’s what partners do. If I need to talk to him about anything, I know he will always listen. He might not agree, but I know he will be honest and tell me exactly what he thinks. There is no bs when it comes to him…none at all! What you see is what you get! When it comes to his family, well that is his world. From Tatiana and me, to everyone else in the fam, he would lay down his life. No joke.

So ladies and gentlemen, remember, every man is different, and every man shows his love in his own way. If I want flowers, I will go to the farmers market. If I want a life partner, I will walk through my front door. Romance…what is your definition?

Amy is a Freelance Writer in San Diego

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