What’s Going On Around Here?

By: Danny Thomas

On Moving

I can’t…

My world is chaos.

This house….

I was remarking today, that it’s a good thing we picked the summertime to move…

I feel mostly good in the summer.

It’s good to be bolstered or buoyed by that…

Because moving this time…

This change is so big.

Such an emotional rollercoaster.

So many beautiful wonderful people.





Why the hell is this 20 year-old word processor sitting under my desk?

It has disks full of papers I wrote – that I thought meant something at the time I wrote them…

I’m not even sure if they mean anything.

I am not going to get around to everything I want to do in this place before I leave.

I am bound for some amazing adventures…

On Finley’s Birthday

My baby is two.

She is not a baby anymore.

She is a baby.

She’s the youngest.

All those things

That can’t be helped,

Keep happening.

She, like her big sister, is fierce.

And sturdy.

And tender.

And sensitive.

And just like me.

And nothing like me.

And it hurts.

And it’s wonderful.

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