Too Hot

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By: Susan Howard

It’s too damn hot. It can be tough to motivate out of your house, let alone workout. This being said, here are some tips on how to best stay active (and hydrated to boot)!

First off, start early in the AM or later in the PM.

Also consider wearing a hat with a rim -super dorky, I know, might as well get out your pocket calculator, but it does protect your skin from the beaming rays of summer.

Wear clothes that wick the sweat away. Sorry, but some time you must spend the 50 bucks on the brand-name running wear. It really works.

Put on some sun block with zinc in it, SPF 30 or more. Be sure to put some on the back of your hands to keep them youthful and delicate.

Eat a piece of juicy fruit before working out: watermelon, a peach, a tangerine.

Drink a few sips of water for every 10 minutes of exercise, and be sure to drink a big glass of water or Gatorade after your workout as well as throughout the day.

Pee –let’s talk about it.

Does your pee look like your morning espresso? If it is a dark yellow hue, you are dehydrated. It doesn’t need to be clear; there is a way to over hydrate, which means you dilute all your nutrients. This isn’t safe either. Your pee should be clear with a light hue of yellow. The recommendation to drink even when you are not thirsty has been geared down, recognizing the danger of over hydration and the fact that food has water in it. Six to 10 glasses a day should do the trick depending on your size, diet, and activity level.

Lastly, on hot days it’s better to drink cooler water –sorry Oprah. This helps to cool your core temperature down and will keep your performance level up, both in and out of the gym.

Pick one body part and do 4 different exercises for it.

Example: BACK

1. Chin ups. Palms face in (as many as you can in a row).

2. Lat pull-downs. Palms face out.

3. Overhead reaches with one weight, laying on a bench.

4. Rows. Narrow grip

12 reps of each.

Then do 100 crunches.

Repeat the whole thing.

Summer hit: Bulletproff La Roux. Get it now, roll down the car windows, pop the sunroof and head down the PCH.

No recipes this time –too hot –get take out.


Susan Howard is a personal trainer and fitness consultant in Los Angeles and can be found at

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