Because the World is Round…

The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

I introduced Sophia to the Beatles today. We sat by the stereo selecting the 5 discs that would be her first introduction to one of the world’s greatest bands. “Because” began playing and Sophia was mesmerized; we both lay back on the carpet and listened.

“Because the world is round it turns me on”

Thrown back in time to my childhood in North Carolina sitting on the beige carpet flipping through records that were tightly tucked between grey cinderblocks that held our silver record player. My father with shaggy long hair, my mother with a Florence Henderson mullet and overalls and me in my favorite black flowered dress with bows tied on either shoulder.

“Because the world is round…aaaaaaahhhhhh”

My first car accident in Tami’s Cadillac on our way to the theatre to perform, our red and white pom-poms intentionally placed across the back dash of the car.

“Because the wind is high it blows my mind”

Lost virginity in the back of my boyfriend’s station wagon. Sobbing in his arms when he left for college.

“Because the wind is high…aaaaaahhhhh”

1991- Peach prom dress tossed on the berber carpet of my boyfriend’s parents’ house. Me in a Pi Beta Phi sweatshirt and cut off jeans popping peanut M&M’s in my mouth.

“Love is old love is new”

Passing the bong around in the basement of the house that hosted all of our college parties. The air so thick from smoke I could barely see the faces that would remain my friends to this day.

“Love is all, love is you”

Sitting in a beaten up wooden booth of our college pub making Tuesday night bets that would lead to more pitchers of beer, a new best friend and complicated situations.

“Because the sky is blue it makes me cry”

Curbside, under the stars in my 20’s next to the girl that I will later marry eating ice cream cones outside of Rite Aid (to this day, one of the best dates I’ve ever had).

“Because the sky is blue ahhhhhh”

Racing to the getaway boat hand-in-hand in our white flowing dresses, giggling as our wedding guests wave behind us. Later eating burgers at the Four Seasons, starving because we didn’t eat a thing at our own wedding.


Shivering in the delivery room as the matronly nurse handed me our beautiful baby girl. Slippery and wailing with perfect blue eyes and a delicious little face her entry made us a family.

The song ended. I opened my eyes and wondered what song would someday jog my daughter’s memories of how she transformed from little girl to a woman.

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