Game. Set. Match.

By: Susan Howard

11-hour tennis match anyone?  That’s how long John Isner and Nicolas Mahut battled over a 3 day match to advance to the next round at this year’s Wimbledon.

World Cup fever?  I have been glued to the set at all hours of the day watching the different countries fight for the championship and for some to even be allowed back into their country with their head up.

Tour de France is underway.  A monstrous three-week bike ride, 3,642 kilometers of hell.

It’s always inspiring to watch people be their best, to try their most.  Something about physical excellence truly ignites the human spirit.

I challenge you to sign up for an event.

Try something that is bigger than you.


Dedicate yourself to one specific goal.

If this scares you I suggest a simple 5k.  My great aunt Gertie can do a 5k.  It’s 3.2 miles and there is probably one every single weekend somewhere.  Probably as I write this note someone is running a 5k.

You could also train to ride a century -100 miles.  I heard about one across the Mojave Dessert at night.  Sounds like a David Lynch movie.

For the strong at heart there is always a marathon, triathlon, or big mountain climb like Mount Rainier.

Whatever you pick it’s no matter.  It will be life changing I guarantee it.

Right now you may think of all those competitors in the races as these athletes far removed from anything you can imagine.

As it turns out they are you.

You are an athlete.

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Throw some chicken breasts in a zip lock.

Add some fresh rosemary sprigs, garlic, salt, pepper, and shallots.

Toss the bag a bit and then let it chill in the fridge.

An hour to 24 hours later, slap ’em on the grill.  About 4 minutes each side  (depending on the thickness).

Take one off and cut into it.  If there is no pink it’s done.

People tend to over cook these to hockey puck densities.

Then you could put a squeeze of lemon or lime or BBQ sauce.


Pretty easy, huh?

Jump Rope Drill.

Grab a jump rope.

Do a standard jump.

Hop on one foot, then the other, then try for a double whip around with one jump.

10 sets, one minute each.

You could just go old school and just jump too.


[Photo Credit Tennis: Telegraph UK]

[Photo Credit Chicken: Flickr Member Dalboz17]

[Photo Credit Jumping Rope: Flickr Member Longitude Latitude]

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