Toddler Sleepover

By: Brandy Black

Sophia and Penny (almost 2) have been friends for over a year now and tonight Penny came over for a sleepover without her parents for the first time.

These little moments are the sweet parts of parenthood that nobody tells you about. The joy you get from watching your child become friends with another.  Listening to Sophia talk to Penny and deciphering Penny’s words back to her. Watching them both lean down side by side and examine a toy, occasionally peering up at each other.  Sophia playing piano as Penny sways from side to side with a huge grin on her face. Each of them cuddled up to one another as I read a story that Sophia has heard a thousand times.  I look over to see Sophia watching Penny not the book.

At bedtime we put Sophia in her crib and Penny in the pack-n-play next to her and now I sit writing as I hear Sophia telling Penny about Zoomie (our dog) and our walks to the store (coffee).  I will later peek in to find them facing one another, quietly sleeping.  Precious.

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