By: Susan Howard

I am going to get a bit existential on you here so crack open your high school literature book for a reference and fasten in.

My family just got back from a weekend away and I made some sketchy food choices, from pop tarts to ice cream to mojitos at night,

I definitely got derailed.  Yeah it was Sea World, yeah it’s tough when you are on vacation, but really it was I who made all the choices ultimately.

I don’t regret loosening my vacation strings, or belt buckle for that matter, but I do notice, now that I am back, I still crave the junk.  It’s so easy to rationalize that once you’ve jumped the food ship you might as well just keep riding the white flour waves right into sugar-coated bay.

Then I thought this: Today is Today.  I can start today.  I can grab a bowl of oatmeal and make some chicken and rice and cauliflower and start again.

When making lifestyle changes it is vital to concern yourself with what you are doing now, today.  If we spend too long dwelling on past pitfalls then we become that failure and we fulfill that life.  Each morning we start again, rising up fresh to face the new day.  I can make changes, I am in control of the decisions I make, I am not a victim of my past.

I am new.  We all are.

It’s summer, fly a kite, toss water balloons, get a frisbee, try a new hike, bike up somewhere you’ve never been.

Make your own salad dressing.

Start with shallots finely chopped.

One clove of garlic minced.

Toss on some salt and the juice of a lemon.

Put in a spoonful of mustard, two spoons of olive oil, and pepper.

Add your favorite spices -basil, tarragon or rosemary.

Stir it all together, add a splash of balsamic if it needs an extra kick.

It’s better if you can give this an hour or more to sit and let everything soak.

Song pick: “Hannah” by Freelance Whales gets you ready for the SUMMER


[Photo Image Dessert: Flickr Member Punkjr]

[Photo Image Dressing: Flickr Member Jasmine and Roses]

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