Orange Stars

The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

Today we found out that Sophia will be in the Orange Stars class with Miss Kimberly for preschool in September.  I jumped for joy and must have read the letter out loud to Sophia 3 times.  We printed out the email and colored orange stars all over it and, as Sophia would say, “sticky-taped” it in the scrapbook.  I was elated.  We read the kids’ names that will be in her class and talked about a few of them that she knows from Parent and Me, we got her adorable pink and brown owl lunchbox that I picked out for her a couple months back down from the shelf in the closet, we talked about what I would pack for lunch, she decided PB&J would be best with puffs and an apple juice box and broccoli, she said she was a big girl, she was right.

I tucked Sophia in bed and told her I loved her and I was proud of her and now I sit realizing that my baby, the very same girl that I held so tightly hand bracing her neck, dancing under the light in her room, protecting her from everything in the best way I knew, is growing up. The baby that I would rock at night as her big, then blue eyes stared into mine.  The girl that mom (Susan) held in the palm of her hands soaring over our faces while she giggled.  The baby that would stuff peas and sweet potatoes in her mouth so fast that her face would look like an art palette when she was done.  The little one that discovered she could get to her parents on the other side of the room by CRAWLING.  A discovery that was so monumental until she learned to reverse crawl and then pull herself up and then walk and then talk.  Not only talk but say amazing things like “Mama I love you so much, you are my best friend”.  A little baby becoming a girl who can now sing the ABC’s, start to finish, in tune, over and over again. A little baby that I longed for, for what seemed, endless years, has now grown up in what feels like a minute.  I can’t wait for her first day of school and to celebrate all of her firsts throughout the years to come, yet I sit with a pit in my stomach for the inevitable clock that ticks, as my baby is becoming a little girl.

Today she is an orange star.

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