Summer School

By: Tanya Ward Goodman

A week has passed since my mini-vacation and I’m still relatively serene. (Of course I may be so tired that I can’t muster the energy to be much of anything else.)

The kids are officially out of school and our schedule has changed again.  True to form, they greeted this change with tears, rage, and extended bouts of silliness. All weekend, they cycled rapidly (and repeatedly) through this emotional range.  We are all exhausted.

Today, we started to re-build the structure of our day.  A half-day of summer school gave them a reason to get out of bed.  A half-day of summer school gave them a reason to look forward to lunch.  My theory was that a morning spent learning computer programs and science facts would balance a long afternoon of running in the park or throwing the Frisbee in the back yard.

I’ll admit I was nervous about sending them to summer school two days after the end of regular school.  I worried that I might not be perceived as “fun.”  In fact, I kept calling it “camp.”

This morning, when we got to school and were shown our classrooms, my husband gave me a look that meant, “the jig is up.”  But the kids were excited by the newness of the place.  It might have been school, but it wasn’t their school and that made it okay.

A half-day of summer school means I can read the paper and make my nine o’clock yoga class.  I get a little time alone. And this means that when we are all back together, I can be fun.

“Today has been 100% past great,” my son said.

My daughter gave today two thumbs and two toes up.

Now, she floats in the tub, happy and calm.  I feel this way too.

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