Happy Father’s Day To A Step-Dad

By: Joey Uva

Over the past years, I have had wonderful Father’s Days.  Friends and family send me gifts and cards.  This year I decided to shine the light on the other dads.  To all the step-dads out there who have stepped up and become parents by their acceptance and commitment to a family, this one’s for you.   Here’s my interview with my daughter’s step-dad, my partner, Trevor.

How did you feel when you first found out that I had a daughter?

Excited.  I have always loved kids and the thought about the future with someone who had a child was very exciting for me.

Did being a step-dad every cross you mind?

Not until I met you.  With my ex I wanted to have children but he thought he was too old to have kids.  He got me a dog instead.  This is so much better than that!

What did you think the very first time you met Grace?  How did it make you feel?

I thought she was adorable!  And, how much she looked like you made it that much more real for me.  I thought, “she’s a little Joey nugget”!

Looking back over the past years, what is one of your favorite memories or moments with our daughter?

Our Valentine’s trip to the tide pools when she was four.  I loved showing her all the sea anemones, sponges and stars.  Watching her experience them was so wonderful.

What is one of your favorite things that you do with Grace? I think I might know but you could surprise me.

Grace riding on my shoulders –to hear her laugh and enjoy it so much makes me happy.

You did surprise me.  I know she prefers your shoulders to mine but not how much you enjoyed it.  Maybe she knows that. If we could do one thing better as parents, what do you think that one thing would be?

I guess, plan our time out with her a little better sometimes and get as much out of our time with her as possible.

What do you think we do great as parents?

Eating every meal together at the dining room table.  I think it really emphasizes that we are a family and helps create a better family bond.

How has being a step-dad impacted your life with your own dad?

It makes me think about him more and reminds me of how great of a dad I have.  He has always been there for us.

How has being a parent enriched your life?

It has given me pride.  I am always proud to tell people about Grace and our life together.

What is something you have learned about yourself from becoming a step-dad?

I have always thought of myself as liberal and carefree, but at times, I find myself saying things like “Grace, eat over your plate” and then thinking, maybe I am not so much all of the time.

Do you want more children?  I think I know the answer to this and I am on board because I see your greatness when you are with Grace.

Yes, I would love to.  I think it would be great for Grace to have a sibling and for our family to be bigger.  That would be nice.

Step-dads are not to be taken for granted.  They can be that something more that makes a family richer, stronger, and add even more love where too much love is impossibility when it comes to a child.

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