LGBT Cancer Awareness

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By: K. Pearson Brown

I’ve always supported the Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer in my hometown of Washington, DC, and I am glad to have learned about this effort by philanthropist Miguel Gonzalez of Philanthropy Realtors who is making a difference to help LGBT people with cancer.

Philanthropy Realtors and getavision Team up to Fight Cancer

In an effort to educate and assist the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender community, Philanthropy Realtors and getavision have created a cancer awareness program that will educate the public, create funds for those in financial need, and train health care providers to offer more culturally competent care for LGBT cancer survivors. The program, called “Vote Out Cancer,” will elevate awareness of cancer risks in the LGBT community, but also thanks to continuing contributions made by Philanthropy Realtors, the program will be making large financial contributions to cancer research and support services through the Leukemia & Lymphoma society, LIVEOUT LIVESTRONG, and getavision.  Philanthropy Realtors founder Miguel Gonzalez states, “Cancer is a very personal subject for me and if I can be an advocate of change for the LGBT community, every penny I donate will be going to make people more aware. This is a life mission that helps me sleep at night.” The funds raised for the program come from real estate sales made by realtors who participate with Philanthropy Realtors. When a house or commercial property is sold, a portion of the sale goes to charity. Licensed realtor Miguel Gonzalez started Philanthropy Realtors, in association with Keller Williams Los Feliz, after seeing his father die from cancer and battling the deadly disease himself. He uses a simple formula taught by his father of giving back to the community by giving a piece of the real estate profits to select charities. Miguel hopes other real estate companies will follow his example. Philanthropy Realtors is located in Los Angeles California.


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