Overpriced Fruit – Love and Pride

Overpriced Fruit

By: Susan Howard

Buy overpriced fruit.

Recently on a trip to Whole Foods, I was walking through the fruit aisle checking out all the different apples and bananas and I realized I always buy apples and bananas.  Then I glanced over to the pineapple.  “That’s exotic,” I thought.  “Which one is ripe?” I wondered. “And what a pain to cut it,” I lamented.

Then it struck me: why should I suffer when someone else can so I will reap the benefits?  This is America.  So I went to the fresh-cut fruit and picked up a $7 cup –an array of mango, pineapple, papaya and kiwi.

Now don’t judge.  I know there are cheaper ways to get great fruit, but how many pieces of fruit have you thrown out because they were over-ripe, got sadly forgotten in the back of the fridge, or you just didn’t want to deal with the chopping?  My little bucket of fruit joy sat right up front in the fridge and presented it’s self in such an appealing way, with the exact perfect amount of all that I wanted.  I ate the whole thing.

Well, my daughter helped -trying kiwi for the first time and begging for more mango.

Eating well does not have to be boring or a pain in the ass.  Little beautiful bountiful buckets are there waiting for your consumption.  Dollar for dollar you know the fruit is fresh and ready to go, so perhaps more likely to be consumed.   Okay it’s probably a rip off, but whatever gets you to the finish line of healthy eating is what matters.

Give yourself a break.  Sometimes the expensive, easy way is the way to go.



Roll out a yoga mat or towel, light some candles, and take 5 favorite yoga poses and hold each one for 60 seconds (or 10 breaths) on each side.

My picks:

Downward Dog – In a V position on your hands and feet, with your tail to the air, pressing your chest towards your thighs, soften your knees if you need to.

Cat and Cow – On your hands and knees in a table top position, on an inhale, press your tail up and look up and you offer your chest out and then, on an exhale, draw your belly into your spine and look towards your navel and tuck your pelvis in.

Forward Fold – From standing, let your torso flop forward over your legs and just hang like a rag doll as your neck releases and your tail reaches up towards the sky, you could have bent knees if you need to.

Seated Twist – Start sitting with your legs extended in front of you and then step your right foot over the left knee. With your left hand, grab the right knee and look behind you in a twist.  Repeat on the other side.

Pigeon Pose or Hip Stretch –  For the hip stretch, lay on your back and cross your right ankle over your left knee and then draw the whole thing in, grabbing on to the back of the thigh or the top of the knee.  You could flex your foot for extra credit.

Shivasana (Resting Pose) – Take 5 plus minutes here to just lay back and feel the ground on your back below you, breathing easily.  Don’t skip this one; really take the time to consciously relax.  Think of your body sinking deeply into the ground below you.  Release all your tension and just be here. It’s all already done; there is nothing left to do, but be.

Song pick: “Such Great Heights” by Iron and Wine remake of the Postal Service.


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