By: Rosy Barren

We aren’t giving up but we must be pragmatic at this stage. We have signed up for an adoption fair. My heart sunk when we made this decision but let’s face it, it’s been almost 3 years now and this is our last try. We need a back up plan. I haven’t even had the strength to face how much adoption will cost us and what it will take to start this new journey but starting the process is where we need to be. I called my mortgage broker to get some information as he and his wife adopted their son. As he spoke with me about his uplifting story of going to some rural city in the South to pick up their son, I couldn’t help but cry for their gain and our loss.
My heart is torn between two places- strength and conviction for our last IVF try and resolution and liberation for what our future will be.

[Photo Credit: Flickr image: Will likes tea and biscuits]

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