2 Moms From The Eyes Of A 6-Year-Old

The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

Susan, Sophia and I went away to a resort in Palm Springs for Mother’s Day weekend.   The place that we stayed is massive with 44 pools and a many people from all over California staying in casitas throughout the property.

Sophia and I were playing in the pool and 2 six year-olds sharked around us, cooing at Sophia.

“Where’s her daddy?” says one girl.

“She doesn’t have a daddy, she has 2 moms,” I say, smiling.

“What do you mean?” says the other girl “Where’s her daddy?”

“She just doesn’t have one,” I say beginning to get nervous, as this qualifies as my first official conversation with a child on the topic.

Girl one: “But really where’s her daddy?”

Girl two: “Yeah where is he? That’s not possible.”

Me: “She doesn’t have a daddy, she has 2 moms.”

Girl one: “Why do you have a ring on?”

You can’t get anything past these kids.

Me: “Because we are legally married.”


Girl one: “Well, she’s lucky she’s got two moms.”

“Yeah” says Girl Two “Do you have a big house?”

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