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By: Danny Thomas

When I was a junior in college I took a philosophy class that was called The Philosophy of Ecology…

We read, among other things, John Dewey’s Experience and Nature. This really has very little to do with my story other than context, consider it exposition…

The instructor was Dr. Chester Z. Keller. I was addicted to his classes. Took a class on Mysticism, Philosophy of Religion… enough of them that I eventually ended up with a Philosophy Minor.

The first day of class he talked for twenty minutes about the syllabus, the texts, the usual stuff…  and then he lectured for the rest of class, a good hour and half or so, about the significance of shit.

He emphasized not just its place in the cycle, but its vitality, its life-giving qualities…

The two words I remember being on the blackboard were Fecund and Feces…

I think in my notes I wrote the word “ordure” because I had to look it up…

Once again Dr. Keller had struck a chord.

I was so inspired I used a section of my mid-term paper to discuss and explore Keller’s introductory lecture topic.

I am having a hard time celebrating poop lately.

I desperately need to find this paper, to get me thru the rest of this potty training saga.

The litter box doesn’t help.

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