Dog Walkers

By: Susan Howard

I always laugh when I do a consultation with a client and they tell me they have a dog walker.

Not that these aren’t super useful for the over-scheduled full-time working people, but really, this is L.A.

Nobody works right?

I have told clients sincerely to fire me, fire their dog walker and start by walking their own dog.

Sometimes we are so disassociated from our own lives, gardening, cleaning, and yes, walking, that

Nobody walks in L.A.

Grab a leash.  If you don’t have a dog, leash up your cat, hamster, or stroll your child.

Create a habit of walking with someone or alone on a set route.

Think about your day.  Is there any place you already drive to that you could swap out walking?

You’ll be happier and I think little Fido will be too.

If you’ve ever noticed when your dog hasn’t been out in a while he starts to get antsy and pace around –YOU ARE YOUR DOG.

Lately I’ve been going out alone with my headphones on, extra fun.

Song :Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  Rewind!

Best Move Ever

Put your feet in first position, heels together, toes out, and raise up to your toes then back down.

You can do this one while waiting in line at the post office.

Am I a total geek or what?


Beans Beans


I am really into beans lately.  Great fiber and good source of protein.

Weird I know.  Stomach bloating, friends ditching beans.

Here’s the trick.   Make them yourself.

They are not near as much of a train wreck on your inner tracts and they taste so much better.

Here’s the part that scared me: you have to soak the beans the night before.

Somehow that much planning was enough to derail all my hopes.   Finally I jumped the hurdle.

Just throw some beans in a bowl with water.  Done.  Pinto, red, black, whichever you got.

Once you do it you’ll be thinking, “oh, that took 30 seconds, whatever.”

Then the next day, when you have some time, chop up a half an onion (red if you have it).

Sauté in a pan with olive oil, then throw in some smashed whole garlic cloves and a hint of sea salt.  (If you have a jalapeno you can de-seed and add here)

Then drain out the water from the beans and dump them in the pan.

Add water (6 cups of water for about 2 cups of beans) and simmer.  (If you have cilantro, chili powder, or red chili flakes you can add after an hour or so of cooking)

The truth is, the time consuming part of this is that the beans take an hour plus to cook, but once they’re in, there is nothing more to do except make sure they don’t burn.

They will burn, so make sure there is enough water in there, like 1 part bean to  3 parts water. [this equation differed from the water/bean equation above, so I changed the one above to 6 cups water instead of 5]

This is a good one to make if it’s laundry day at your house, because you just peek in on it every 15 minutes or so.

If you get busy and don’t feel like being a slave to your beans, turn them off, throw a lid on top, and come back later.

Once they are done throw your favorite salsa on top and slice up some avocado for some omega 3 action and EAT.


Put some beans sprinkled with cheddar and add beef or chicken if you’d like in a corn tortilla and toss that in the oven or on your stovetop.

I think you will be delightfully surprised.

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