Stop Drinking

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By: Susan Howard

How can you be living your best life, reach your fitness and health goals when you are drunk?

Even a few glasses of wine can make you unmotivated, sluggish and ruin your workout the next day.

Drinking in excess in one sitting is the worst because you end up taking in a ton of calories at once and you SLOW your metabolism (the exact opposite thing you want to do) while your liver has to work overtime to try and process it all.

Poor liver.

Okay a glass of red wine is good for you. I get it. Anti oxidants, heart-healthy, right, right.  The question is: can you have ONE GLASS?

One glass of red wine a night is the MOST I can get my head around, and that’s if you aren’t looking for weight loss.  Booze puts the breaks on weight loss –beer, wine, all of it.

I used to wonder why drinking was such a killer on the gut.  Two glasses of wine is about 250 calories. That’s not so bad.

Don’t think about the calories as much as alcohol’s effect on your internal organs.  The metabolic slow down is the worst part; that’s why you start packing on the pounds.

Final word for the 3 of you still reading:

If you’re in Italy please enjoy the Syrah. It’s your birthday? – get a little tipsy.  But if you look at your regular week and notice a consistent drinking routine, I am asking you to think about it.  Sometimes habits get the best of us and we don’t even realize.  I know this is a tough one, and I support you in the struggle.  You can make this change.

Pick a week and find a friend or a loved one and go DRY.

If you already “just say no”, pick another habit (sugary, caffeinated drinks are basically adult milkshakes) and cut it out for a week.

Since I am giving you so much to think about, the food is easy this week.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Can’t get enough of this healthy snack.

Take 6 eggs.

Put them in a pan of water.


Set the timer for 20 minutes.

Cool them under some water.

Put them in a bowl in the fridge and eat them all week.

80 calories.


Your workout is going to be a simple one.

Summertime trim down

Log 12 miles next week running.

If you don’t run…

Take 4 spinning classes.

If you hate that…

Take 4 hour-long hike with inclines.

If you hate that, mix it up and do a bit of each.

Still not happy? Well I knew you’d be mad sooner or later.

Song Pick of the week:  “Islands” by The XX

The entire album is a little bit of happy.

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