Not Gay Enough

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By: Tom Butts

SEATTLE – Three bisexual men have filed a federal lawsuit against a national gay-sports organization, claiming they were unfairly deemed not gay enough to play for a gay softball team during the Gay Softball World Series.

This is an article I read on and my response may surprise some of you…

I think these three guys should file a federal lawsuit against the organization and this is why…

The GLBT community is always asking to be included regardless of our sexual orientation…and I was raised with parents always telling me:  “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”…so, sorry gays, stop your whining!

We need to decide whether we want segregation in any form or we don’t.  For example, gyms have “women’s only areas” – so in my mind there should be “men’s only areas”.  I am wondering if someone told me that I’m not “straight” enough (which I’m most certainly not) to play on a straight team, would I have issues with it?  You’re damn STRAIGHT I would.

In an age where we are asking for acceptance for who we are, why would we even think to exclude anyone that wants to hangout with us, join us, get to know us?  Are we making the case that bi or straight guys are stronger and we can’t physically compete with them? I’m guessing not, by the amount of time that gay guys spend at the gym.  I think we use the term “gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered” – so, what’s the problem if these guys aren’t “bi” enough?

Enough of my rant; I’m off to softball practice…


PS  I still don’t get the difference between “gay and lesbian” – aren’t we all gay, or maybe aren’t we all homo-sapiens?

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