Old Toys

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By: Tosha Woronov

It has always cracked me up that Leo wants to play with his old, forgotten toys the moment he finds them in the “Donate” box.  Like a little dog who hears the can opener, and, with ears perked, thinks “hey…”

We are packing the house for our big move and this time I am not holding back.  I am PURGING. Because for too long now we have binged – on furniture, and toys, and things to make life easier, and just stuff. So Leo’s playroom is going through quite a cleansing and, as expected, this piqued his interest.

-What are you doing with all of my toys?

Packing them up.  Remember, we discussed this?  We are going to give them away to other kids who can use them.  Toys you no longer play with because you are a big boy.

-But, what about these dinosaurs?

-You don’t even like dinosaurs, honey.

-But I like these tiny ones.  Can I keep the tiny ones?

For the next hour and a half, we played CandyLand, visited the grocery store for plastic food, cooked said food in plastic microwave, and had a tea party.

We both got to be kids again.

And we’re keeping the tea set.  You never know when company might stop by.

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