Date Night

By: Brandy Black

I remember after having our daughter Sophia how truly shocking it was how much my life changed. People told us to go on vacation and enjoy our dinners out but I didn’t really get it until I had been home night after night, sleep deprived and likely in the same clothes or some version of them for far too long. Once we, rather I (Susan was ready much earlier ) got past the get-the-fuck-away-from-my-baby stage I secretly LOVED date night. In the beginning they were ridden with guilt but always worth it. Going to a bad movie was like getting a massage for the first time. Dinner without a crying baby and taking turns between bites was the best dinner ever. We weren’t picky; we were out.

Now, a couple years later, it’s less of a novelty and although amazing to get out of the house and be alone together we have little patience for mediocrity. A bad dinner is a personal affront; we begin calculating how much the date is really costing us. A long wait at a fabulous LA restaurant is unacceptable. A boring play, music show, film, over even party is offensive. Maybe our dates come too infrequently, maybe we’ve become fuddy-duddies or maybe we are just parents that are always in search of the perfect date night.

Well we had a couple successful dates these last few weeks that I thought I’d share in case there are any other parents out there going through the same thing.

The movie Date Night is well worth it, although I wish there had been more day-in-the-life-of-parenting jokes at the start of the film (they were so funny), it was all around fantastic for a light fluffy date chock full of laughter.

The other idea I had was a spontaneous date of some kind that involved connecting with one another. The best part of this was that we were no longer in search of the perfect night because we weren’t searching for anything. We started at a random Mexican restaurant- Rosa Mexicano in downtown LA and a couple margaritas later we crashed a democratic party at Hotel Figueroa while we waxed poetic about healthcare reform over free appetizers –now that was a date!

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