Welcome To Crazy Land

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By: Tony Tripoli

Conan O Brien announced that he will be taking his show to TBS, and airing right before Lopez Tonight.

This is great news for Pepto Bismol, because following Irish with Mexican is gonna cause a lot of stomach issues.

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner have gotten matching tattoos.

No confirmation on if they really do say “I’m with Stupid”.

47 year old star Demi Moore has said that she doesn’t think of herself as any older than 5, adding “that’s why my twitter picture is me at 5.”

I never though it possible, but that makes Ashton Kutcher even grosser to me.

The poster for Sex and the City 2 came out this week, and apparently, Carrie Bradshaw is now the world’s hippest Jewish Princess, wandering the desert for 40 days, with her reading glasses in hand. I can practically hear her whining about how her heels keep sinking into the sand. “And, don’t get me started on this shmatta…my shoulders will burn so badly, I’ll be peeling till Rosh Hashanah.”

Chance Crawford had dropped out of the Footloose remake.

He claims it is due to the shooting schedule, and, by that, he means he doesn’t want to be in it if they are actually going to shoot it.

Britney Spears agreed to let Candies release the un-retouched image of her latest ad. The ‘After” image removed a bruise on her shin, erased some cellulite, and slimmed her waist and thigh.

The dead eyes are 100 percent real.

It’s hard to get Heidi Montag to talk about herself, but the folks at US magazine managed to get the tightlipped, all-natural beauty to spill plans for her movie career. First step: a big action flick.

She said, “I’ve trained in knife fighting with one of the founding members of Saw.”

First of all, learning anything from the Saw movies is like learning to act at your plastic surgeon’s office.

And, second, your 10 procedures only count as ‘knife fighting’ in the sense that you lost.

The always shy Kathy Griffin got a pap smear and a vajazzel-ing while lounging by the pool last week, to draw attention to cancer awareness.

I’m sorry, I meant Kathy Griffin awareness.

Former Saved By The Bell and 90210 star Tiffani Thiessen is on the cover of  Pregnancy magazine, and when asked about her hopes for her first child, she responds: “Long and Lean.”

Great job, Tiff; no future body issues there.

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