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What’s It Like To Be You?

By: Jillian Lauren

Scott and I went to see Paul McCartney at The Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday night. Here’s a picture of us with our dear friend Brian Ray, Paul’s shredding guitar player.

I’ve seen Paul a few times now, but The Hollywood Bowl always infuses an evening with a little extra starry-night mojo and “The Long and Winding Road” brought a tear to the eye of this hard-hearted old alley cat.

Every time I see Paul take the stage, something catches in my chest. Frankly, I’m not the massive Paul McCartney fan that my bass playing hubby is. Still, I’d really like to sit down with Paul and ask him- What was it like to be at the epicenter of a cultural tectonic shift? What did it feel like to change the world?

I’m sure no one ever asked him that question before.

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