Spring Forward

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By: Susan Howard

So I’ve been thinking about depression and all the funny tricks our minds can play on us
and I have come to realize what a lie these feelings often are.
How dumb our brains can be and how susceptible we are to the littlest things.

Recently a large box of cookies and brownies were kindly sent to our house. Being the staunch fitness guru that I am well,
actually I broke down and tried a few, okay several. Having weened myself way down from sugar I can attest to its effects
from a fairly clean slate.
Soon after eating that delicious caramel brownie, I felt bummed. Not just mad at myself for eating junk, but bummed altogether.

SUGAR, like alcohol, spikes up your insulin giving you a high, but soon after the shock it drops you down– way down.

After my brownie hangover I was left feeling like I can’t get anything done or even if I do who cares?

It’s hard to be mean to poor sugar, we associate it with such happy times–birthdays, weddings, divorces, family gatherings, family leavings.

Also our country has been trained to love sugar.

It’s in our breads, our cereals, even our canned veggies.

Did you know that when the canning industry sends its products to America it adds sugar to OUR batch.

We are the international sugar consumers! Even if we don’t mean to be it’s hard to avoid.

This being said, if it’s your birthday have a little slice of cake or share a dessert with a friend, just don’t let the sugar fest last too long
or you might be asking yourself what are birthdays really for anyway. Why was I born? Who am I? I think I should nap.

I do not mean in this ramble to be making light of those truly dealing with clinical depression, but I do believe the choices we make effect our everyday.

You’d think we’d learn, myself included. I am here to remind us all.


I love to celebrate the warm weather with something light and delicious. So easy and yummy, check this one out.

Cucumber Salad

Two Cucumbers
A small piece of Ginger (powdered could be okay too)
A little clove of garlic
1/2 Lemon
2 scallions
1/4 cup Soy Sauce

Peel and slice up your cucumber into little circles. Mince ginger and garlic together, put little sprinkle of lemon juice on top to take the edge off.
Thinly slice scallions after chopping off tops and ends. Throw the whole thing together in a bowl, toss the soy sauce in (if you are watching your sodium you could use low sodium soy or swap it out with vinegar)
Put the juice of the lemon on top and then let it rest in the fridge for a half an hour or so.

Then eat.

Great side dish with a turkey sandwich, or grilled chicken and rice

Bring it!!!


Susan Howard Fitness

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