The Next Family

By: Tosha Woronov


I am such a sucker. Man, oh man. He got me good.

Last night I told Leo that if he didn’t stop his rather unseemly behavior right this minute, there would be no basketball playing tomorrow.
And I meant it.
He came bounding downstairs this evening dressed for some hoops and I stood my ground.
He begged. He pleaded. He cajoled.
No, Leo, I am serious. You can play basketball tomorrow. You were warned last night about this and YOU made the choice to lose your basketball privilege today.

And then the craziest thing happened: he listened! He stopped whining about it! He went upstairs to find something else to do before dinner, just like I’d instructed. I did it! All the talk about 5 year olds and their power struggles with parents –HA! What’s all the fuss?

Fifteen minutes later, he handed me this:


And now, with his mom rendered powerless, Leo is back to working on his jump shot.


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