Happy Homemaker

By: Danny Thomas

In about 2 weeks I will become a full time homemaker
This is so exciting!
It’s just not happening exactly the way I had planned.
But isn’t that the way it always is?

I got laid off last week, from the best job I have ever had.
It has been a delight. I have been an assistant to Mason Williams, the inimitable musician, writer, poet, artist and composer. How many people can say they have worked for one of their idols? How many people can say they have worked with and for such an icon, such an iconoclast? It has been, by anyone’s standards, a dream job.
Like any job it has had ups and downs, but the opportunities I’ve been given to learn in this job, and the support and generosity have been immeasurable.
It’s going to be hard to leave.
It’s also going to be hard to pay the mortgage.
Our family was approaching a time of massive shift and transition, so this kinda’ just kicks it into gear a little earlier than we planned. Jennifer, my wife, is about to finish graduate school and, hopefully, get a job as a college professor. How I ended up married to a teacher, or how she ended up married to a slacker, class clown, is anyone’s guess. So, we were only a few months away from turmoil, and now I get to spend the next few months practicing being a happy homemaker!
I have been saying to anyone that would listen (which means, mostly Jen) for the last three weeks or so, that, as much as I love my job, I am starting to feel the pull to be at home, that what would be more fulfilling to me would be to spend my days meal planning, doing laundry and cleaning house – it’s so weird – but I’m drawn to it.
Well, as they say, be careful what you wish for.

I have been struck by how differently I reacted to being laid off this time compared with the last time. Back in 2003 I worked in a very similar situation for a very small company, in a home office – they were deeply impacted by 9/11 and the resulting economic downturn and had to let me go. At that time I hit the skids – a deep depression – I pretty much felt useless and stuck…

This time, I have had no depressed feelings, having a family I guess helps me to see that I am not useless, that I have a future. Obviously there is a whole other layer of stress and panic in that there are these two little dependants who need what they need no matter what Jennifer or I are going through – but the sort of aimless, in limbo lost feeling is not a factor at all.

The situation is clear, my role is understood, my options are many, the universe is abundant.

I am grateful to my family for helping me find my place, no matter what my “job” may be.

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