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By: Brandy Black

RJ and Family

Being a parent is difficult; it involves a lot of juggling, managing the household, negotiating with children, homework, the list goes on. Single parents take it all on and sometimes without preparation. Oftentimes becoming a single parent is thrown in one’s lap with no warning. This can be daunting for anyone.
RJ Jaramillo, twice divorced and the father of three children ages 16, 14 and 10, discovered a need in his community. He identified that other single fathers around him were looking for resources on how to raise a child on their own. RJ assembled his team and developed an amazing site called RJ believes you have to “make it happen…again” –simple as that.
His contributors are Jesse Lozano, never married and a single parent to daughter, Savannah, age 6. Jesse is a radio DJ in Los Angeles with a radio show syndicated in over 40 cities nationwide. Jesse shares custody with Savannah’s mom in LA and manages the balance between his work, his daughter, and co-parenting. Jesse delivers a great message to young children and teenagers through his humor and wisdom. Contributor Jon Graves, a former Los Angeles Dodger baseball player, is a widower. Jon is raising two sons, Christian 7, and Everen, 10, after losing his wife Jessica to cancer over two years ago. He now works as the webmaster at the San Diego Airport and manages the challenges of the mourning process and new full-time parenting duties. Jon delivers his message to those single parent families who have suffered loss and need faith in going forward in their new life.
Over this past year, founder RJ developed an “online classroom” where he conducted test cases with newly single parents and actively “coached” them on a variety of topics dealing with Single Parent Transition. During these online coaching sessions, RJ made a discovery: there are a lot of newly single parents –especially men –looking for help, but don’t know where to find the resources. Most of the “newly divorced” resources on the Internet are catered to mothers. So what about the fathers out there?
“My goal was to help teach these guys the basics…there are so many things to learn on running a household with children on your own. I am not a perfect father, but I have the past 10 years’ experience of going through a divorce, raising my children and doing the best I can as a single parent. I was able to reach out to fathers all over the U.S. using video conferencing and it allowed me to keep a ‘one on one’ experience with these single dads and their particular subject. The results were amazing…I wish it were a court requirement to have all newly single parents take a class and learn from a coach who has been there.”
More About The Classes:
Cooking Basics: Most newly single fathers have a fear of cooking. Single Dad Cooking teaches four basic areas to get parents started. Step 1) how to equip your kitchen with the basics; Step 2) everyday spices, herbs and ingredients; Step3) how to grocery shop effectively and economically; Step 4) how to cook a beef, pork, fish and chicken dish.
Single Parent Cooking Classes:

Single Parent Coaching: These classes are customized around the needs of the newly single parent going through a lifestyle transition. Everything is open to discussion with a variety of topics such as: Fatherhood, Co -Parenting , Home Management, Dating & Relationships.
Single Parent Coaching Classes:

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