Think Snowmobiling!

By: Pearson Brown


Kira’s back is a bit better, and we are hoping by tomorrow she will be up to snowmobiling or even– fingers crossed — skiing.  This morning we headed out early to the Telluride Gay Ski Week Hospitality Tent at the “Beach” at the bottom of the slopes at the Mountain Village.  The staff and sponsors were extremely friendly and helpful, pointing us to all the action.  We also picked up some great swag – classy pens from American Airlines, lip balm from Matthew Shepard Foundation, herbal throat lozenges from Ricola, Nalgene water bottles from Brita, Jucy Juice (hydrating is the name of the game at 10,000 elevation) and other sponsors.  We hopped on a gondola, which we learned is the only free transit of its type in the US, and we crossed over the mountain to Telluride town center.

After Kira’s fall with Stephen yesterday, we thought it best to have our hands free to hold rails, keep our balance, etc., so we stuffed him in his snow suit into my back pack, so he rode high and dry above all about town.  Then we saw a dad pulling his tot on a tiny sled and we realized that was the way to go.  We got a sled at the local ACE hardware store, and we were on our way with Stephen literally in tow.  He loved it!

The town itself defines quaint.  The snow-covered streets are lined with story-book cute chalets and small independent shops and boutiques.  A couple local snowboarder girls who rode the gondola with me last night informed me that Telluride has a commitment to no chain stores, so you will never see a Starbucks or Pottery Barn or any of the stores that populate Every Mall USA littering the landscape of this purist town. How refreshing.

We stopped for lunch at the charming TPK Bistro where we had a delicious (and surprisingly reasonably priced) lunch of Panini di Italian prosciutto ham and fontina cheese and Stromboli di pollo, served by a friendly and gracious wait staff, who seemed genuinely happy to serve us.  Stephen was well-behaved the entire meal, though it didn’t matter much because we were the restaurant’s only guests, at 12 pm.  Despite excellent food, great service and an ideal location on Colorado Avenue, one of the town’s main streets, the eatery was empty, as was much of the town.

One of the producers of Telluride Gay Ski Week told me that this is the tail end of the season, so hence the quiet streets, but with most Gay Ski Week visitors arriving today, the town is about to get much livelier!  Now, I’m off to my room to get ready for the Stoli Lounge and then the opening party here at my home base, the fabulous Peaks Resort.  It may be a quaint sleepy little town of 2,000, but it’s about to wake up!



[photo credit: Flikcr- Timo wr2]

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