The History Of Marriage

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By: Brandy Black

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I couldn’t have said it better than Elizabeth Gilbert in her most recent book Committed

“Interracial marriage was illegal in the United States until fairly recently.  All of this changed in 1967 with the case of a rural Virginia couple named -poetically enough- the Lovings.  Richard Loving was white; his wife Mildred was black.  When they decided to marry in 1958, interracial unions were still illegal in the commonwealth of Virginia as well as in 15 other American states.  So the young couple sealed their vows in Washington DC instead but when they returned home after their honeymoon they were swiftly apprehended by local police.  The fact that they had married each other at all rendered the couple guilty enough to haul off to jail…

The Lovings moved to Washington DC with the understanding that if they ever again returned to Virginia, they would face a jail sentence…

The Supreme Court in 1967 sealed the legality of “the Lovings” union in a 9 to 0 ruling.  At the time, I must also mention, a poll showed that 70% of Americans vehemently opposed this ruling but the courts were morally ahead of the general population on this matter…

You won’t be surprised will you if I now take a few moments to discuss the subject of same sex marriage…what I can say about the subject is that legalized same sex marriage is coming to America in large part because non-legalized marriage is already here.  Same sex couples already live together openly these days, whether their relationships have been officially sanctioned by their states or not.  Same sex couples are raising children together, paying taxes together, building homes together, running businesses together, creating wealth together and even getting divorced from each other.  All these already existing relationships and social responsibilities must be managed and organized through rule of law in order to keep civil society running smoothly…I recognize that conservatives are worried that homosexuals will destroy and corrupt the institution of marriage but perhaps they should consider a distinct possibility that gay couples are actually poised at this moment in history to save marriage. Think of it!  Marriage is on the decline everywhere, all across the western world.  People are getting married later in life, if they’re getting married at all, or they are producing children willy-nilly out of wedlock, or (like me) they are approaching the whole institution with ambivalence or even hostility…So why not let them in?  Why not recruit them by the vanload to sweep in on heroic wings and save the flagging and battered old institution of matrimony from a bunch of apathetic ne’er-do-well, heterosexual deadbeats like me.  In any case, whatever happens with gay marriage, and whenever it happens, I can also assure you that future generations will someday find it ridiculous to the point of comedy that we ever debated this topic at all.”

This is an excerpt that I couldn’t resist sharing.

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