Morsels of Memories

The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

Suz and Soph

I love the days when I am thrown back in time to memories that I have always cherished.  I heard Sophia banging on the bathroom door shouting “Mom, OPEN the DOOR, MOM”.

“I need my time in the bathroom Sophia, go hang out with Mama” Susan pleaded from the other side.

Sophia ignored her and banged until a little piece of paper slid beneath the door and Sophia giggled, she slid it back and this continued as I washed the dishes and spiraled back in time.

My father and I were inseparable, whenever he was home, I wanted to be with him and when he would try to take 5 minutes of alone time, I, like Sophia would plead at the bathroom door. He would create games with me, songs, whistles, notes from beneath the door to occupy my attention while I waited.   I didn’t care what he was doing I just wanted to be around him.  I coveted our weekly breakfasts at McDonalds, I with my pancakes, he with his hash browns, talking about anything really.  Just my dad and me.

I couldn’t help but think that this might be a memory that Sophia will hold in her heart for years to come, something as simple as slipping a piece of paper between the door and the floor to her mom.

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