Dear Indugo

The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

Dear Indugo

I came home the other day with a receipt in hand, excited to share the news with Susan and Sophia that we have sponsored a child.

Susan- You did what? Where?

Me- Larchmont, 70% of the kids that are sponsored get a college education.

Susan- You got scammed

Brandy- No I didn’t, it’s only 70 cents a day to help save a child’s life!

She laughed at me, I went on to explain that it’s through Children’s International and they have been around for 30 years and that we would be getting a picture of the kid in the mail and a letter and we could even visit the child one day.  A week passed and no letter, no picture, no packet.  After another week went by I called, angry and ready to renounce my monthly payments.  The friendly gentleman on the phone assured me that the packet was on its way and that I had truly saved this child as he was in a destitute situation.  I felt better.  After a couple more days passed with no letter I was cleaning off our side table in our dining room and under a file of papers found the packet.  His name is Lenin and he’s from Ecuador and he is 5 years old.   He’s very handsome and looks curiously healthy- I guess I can’t really be mad at that although I was somewhat disappointed.

He sits on our fridge and now Sophia points up to him and says “Lenin, my sponsor brother”.  Despite Susan’s cynicism and mockery comparing me to “About Schmidt”, I eagerly await his first letter.  Susan does too.



[photo credit: Flickr- Pink Sherbet Photography]

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