What Have I Done?

By: Brandy Black

Happy Birthday

Sophia’s birthday was last week and her party was on Valentine’s Day.  We had it at Amy’s Playground an indoor play area for kids.  I have been preparing for a month, just little things, toys here, centerpieces there, bracelets, rings, sunglasses, spiral straws, I couldn’t stop, every time I went to Target I would buy more.  I couldn’t go online without finding vintage valentines and miniature rubber ducks.  Susan finally put a moratorium on my toddler shopping sprees.  I had a blast doing it which is not normally how my party planning goes, I’m usually stressed out and making lists galore all the while sure that I’m forgetting something.  What can you screw up with a kid’s party?  I had no fear, only fun, and was convinced that I’m only having children’s parties from here on out.


I dropped off the centerpieces and toys on Friday so that unloading on party day would be a breeze while toting the toddler.  They opened the box and the first thing Amy saw was plastic rings and beaded necklaces.  She explained that those were choking hazards as my daughter and most of her guests were only 2.  My face went flush, I froze and I had that moment that I had played out many times when I was pregnant, that moment where you realize you have no idea what the hell you’re doing.  I felt as if Amy and her staff were looking at me thinking “How have you not killed your child?” I remembered the time my friends Leslie and Jared came over with their two toddlers and I had lit candles all over our house- she had to rapidly blow them out one by one.  What did I know? I wasn’t a mom!  Now, here I was standing there thinking, “What the hell do I know? and shit I’m a mom.” What’s worse is that I actually tried to explain my way out of it, “well they are for the inside of the mailbox centerpieces so the kids won’t be playing with them until the end”.  Amy assured me that there was a good chance that they would be playing with them throughout the party and it was simply not safe. Luckily I had shopped too much as always (much to Susan’s chagrin) and had back-up toys that fit the 2 year old criteria.


The party was a hit, Sophia had a blast, no one choked, Amy’s Playground was beautiful, the staff was on it and took care of every last detail and I would absolutely have a party there again and again and again and finally not one toy was touched from the centerpieces until the end when the angel children politely asked if they could take some rubber ducks home with them.  Better safe than sorrycake


This was the best money ever spent, the staff took care of everything from beginning to end- they even loaded our car up with all the presents and decorations at the end of the party.

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