Reading and Writing – Love and Pride

Reading and Writing

By: Pearson Brown


I’ve been re-reading and editing the book I began writing FOUR YEARS AGO! I can’t believe there has been such a lapse. Before taking a break, I actually wrote 400 pages, and I loved writing it, but planning to have a baby, trying to conceive and then giving birth, caring for a newborn and now raising a two-year old took precedence.

Of course little Stephen is still my first priority, but with being laid off from my job 10 months ago and freelance jobs paying so little, I began to think that perhaps finishing the novel will not only be enjoyable but profitable. I had shown the first 220 pages to an agent who immediately wanted to represent me, which I think was a good sign. Another agent at ICM to whom I told part of the story was also eager to read it. So, with that encouragement, I am back on track.

They say a writer must write everyday, and now that I am blogging and freelancing as a journalist I am doing that, and I think it actually helps my novel writing. It’s like exercise, or practice. Do it everyday and you get stronger and better.

So we’ll see how it affects my blog posts. Ready, set, write!

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