Hey There, Handsome

By: Tosha Woronov


I’m sorry, but it’s quite possible that there is nothing cuter than a 5 year-old boy in a jacket and tie.  There’s just something so…unexpected about it.  Especially on a weekday afternoon, nowhere near a wedding, or a church, or an Easter brunch.  Leo just decided he wanted to wear his “handsome clothes” today and came downstairs fully decked out.  We ran errands; he accompanied me to the dentist.  For a kid who doesn’t really want attention, I don’t know what he was thinking.  The lady in the bakery called him – not her cupcakes – irresistible. A guy on the elevator said “Hello, Senator.” People walking by put their hands up to their mouths in disbelief.  I’m telling you, it was pretty cute.

And then he decided to wear a little pin on his lapel (I mean c’mon!) that just said “Love”.  Definitely rockin the campaign trail now.  I had to convince him, because it was raining buckets outside, that the rubber boots completed the look.

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