Why Do I Care?

The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

Sophia and Bailey

So now that my daughter has taken to only tank tops and dresses she is now also insisting on dressing herself in the morning. She is coming up with the oddest combinations: pink and brown flower dress paired with a lovely green and pink ice cream cone-printed tank top with pink pants.  It’s oddly a cute combination in a Selma Blair kind of way but certainly not attire that I would take her out of the house in. I didn’t think anything of it until we were about to go out.

“Angel, maybe we should take the tank top off and just put a coat over the dress.”

“Nooooooooo Mama NOoooooooo”

I began to cringe. Why do I care?  I always thought it was ridiculous that moms would enforce their fashion style on their kids, but now here I am trying to convince my 2 year old to dress the way I want her to.  I find myself wanting to explain to the barista at the coffee shop why Sophia looks miss-matched today.  I’m going to practice shutting my mouth and letting her be the vibrant person that she is becoming. I may even learn some tips from her along the way.  What do I know about fashion anyway?

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