Is It Summer Yet?

By: Brandy Black

Sophia tanktop

My daughter has taken to only wearing tank tops.  Every morning I try to slip a T-shirt or god forbid a long sleeve past her and she screams “Tank Top Mama, NEED the tank top, WANT the tank top!”  I can’t figure it out, but even through our rainy trip to San Francisco, she insisted on being dressed for the summer.  So I’m doing laundry like crazy and searching the stores for summer dresses and tops.  I have even tried buying very thin comfy shirts, which I prefer because I too run hot, but Sophia won’t have it.  I just know in a month when we are fully stocked for her new style and the sun is starting to peek out again, she’s going to want mittens and scarves.  Oh the plight of a toddler-bearing mama.

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