Green is Cool and Quiet-Like

By: Jillian Lauren


I’m inspired by Margaret Atwood’s attempts to stay environmentally conscious during the book tour for her new book The Year of the Flood. I’m following her blog about her efforts and hope to mirror them to some extent.

I left a comment on her blog, attempting to turn her on to Mt. Hagen instant organic coffee. It’s a road necessity. We’re obsessed with it. We even started drinking it at home. I’m expecting an email from her any day…

Dear Jillian,

Thanks so much for your coffee suggestion. You are clearly a brilliant and fascinating individual. Perhaps you’d like to join me for a cup when I pass through in Los Angeles, during which time we can trade all kinds of environmentally friendly touring tips.

Your new best friend,

In preparation for my imminent meeting with the great Ms. Atwood, I’m on a crusade to get everyone around here drinking out of aluminum water bottles. Scott and I drink tap water rather than waste a billion little plastic bottles every night. Yes, tap water. The baby drinks it, too. And we bring our own shopping totes. They have the cutest little Weezer totes this tour. I swiped one for myself last night.

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