Hitting and Scratching

By: Brandy Black


Really?  My amazing, beautiful, smart, sweet child has CHANGED!  A few minutes out of each day, she becomes a TERROR.  What has happened to her? Everything is lovely, we’re laughing, having a tea party and she’ll walk up with a big smile and grab my cheek and pinch as hard as her little fingers can.


She will follow up with a frantic scratching and pinching.  Susan and I now have matching marks on our faces.  It hurts, for one, but worse –we can’t figure out how to make it stop.  We’ve tried ignoring, explaining, holding hands down, fake crying, all of it, and she still does it.

Is this just a phase that we have to ride out?  Is there a cure-all for this stage?  Is there a good book? Feel free to share your knowledge.  We need it and soon or my next blog photo will be Susan, Bailey (our dog) and me wrapped in bandages.

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