Fashion Don't

By: K. Pearson Brown
Out With Mommy


Today I went on a guided tour of Vancouver’s shopping districts and previewed a new iPhone app called ChicWalks.   Felt entirely fashion-inadequate as we browsed shoes at Fluevog where the average priced shoe was about $300 Canadian, and Holt Renfrew department store where the haute couture was more over-priced than Needless Marcup on Rodeo, and then on to a private fitting in the no-doors dressing room at the warehouse-turned-style-house JC Studio where the ultra kind and generous designer of the Jacqueline Conior line (famous for dressing the L Word girls when shooting in Vancouver) took pity on me and gave me 30 percent off on a pair of jeans, and even personally dropped them off at my hotel after alterations.

As I tried to hide my mommy body in the open-air dressing room, and the fluorescent lights highlighted my dimpled belly, which never recovered from those 41 weeks and six days of pregnancy, I felt like a schlubby mommy.  I can’t wait to get back to my little wonder boy who couldn’t care less what brand I’m wearing and who runs to hug my bare legs whenever he gets the chance, oblivious to my physical and fashion imperfections.  I am glad I came on this fashionista bootcamp trip, as it makes me appreciate what is most important to me, though I still will make a better effort to be more daring fashion-wise, as soon as I have some money.

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