I Loved It So Much I Want To Marry It

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By: Tosha Woronov


Sometimes it rocks to be an Angeleno. Pete took me to see the LA-only Pee-wee Herman live show at Club Nokia last weekend and all I can say is…genius!

I was a bit confused at first about what we were going to see.  I loved the Saturday morning program, but am just young enough (love saying that) to remember it only as a kids’ show. My husband, however, old man that he is (to be fair, only 4 years older than I), is a true Pee-wee fan and knows him for his adults-only humor.

The second we sat down, I got it.
And I was overjoyed.
The set (the Playhouse, just like it was on TV) is gorgeous, pure eye-candy.  All the old friends are there: Chairry, Terry, Jambi the Genie, Ms. Yvonne, Conky the robot, Cowboy Curtis, Magic Screen.  The audience clapped and hooted each time one entered the stage.

The word of the day was “FUN” (“waaaaaahhh!!!!”).  Boy, was it ever.
I had no idea that man/child Pee-wee was so surly!  So bratty!  It was hysterical, especially as parents of a 5-year old boy prone to his own low moments of churlishness, to hear Pee-wee say “I know you are, but what am I?” and “If you love it so much, then why don’t you marry it?”  He stomped and pouted and screamed.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.

My favorite moment:  Pee-wee protests, “they can’t marry each other!  They are GIRLS!” to which Conky replies (imagine robot voice), “they…can…in…Connecticut… and…Maine… and…Massachusetts …”

The crowd went wild!

I looked at my husband then and said, “This show is everything that is right with the world.”
It only runs until February 7th, so if you live in Los Angeles, hurry.  You won’t regret it.   (And if you live elsewhere, make a wish that Pee-wee comes to your city.  Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho…)

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