Grimly Hopeful – Love and Pride

Grimly Hopeful

By: Rosy Barren


So my 4 beautiful eggs have now become two tiny perfect embryos.  They actually aren’t so perfect in technical terms; they are a “C” and a “B”.  Without giving too much information that would bore you, they grade your eggs, “A” being the healthiest and strongest.  So, I’m happy that I have something, and sad that after all that I’ve been through, it looks like I’ll just get one shot at pregnancy from this round.  A lot of people come away with multiple embryos that they can freeze for future tries.  This would have been ideal as IVF has a high price tag- $15K.  So not only is there the emotional heart-breaking pressure but financial stress, to boot.

I refuse to dwell; it is what it is and when I go in for my transfer tomorrow, I just hope there are still two waiting for me.

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